A unique instrument for the biggest telescope


We are proud to announce that the ELT-MOSAIC project enters phase B1.

This phase will be crucial for the consolidation of the instrument architecture and the availability of the planned resources, and is planned to last for 18 months, until its final specifications and architecture review (SAR). It is an important step for this ELT project conducted by an international consortium including 22 institutional partners located in 13 countries, led by the CNRS. The list of parties includes: University of Vienna (Austria), Universidade de Sao Paulo and LNA (Brazil), Universities of Helsinki and Turku (Finland), LAM, GEPI, IRAP, and OCA (France), AIP and Heidelberg University (Germany), INAF (Italy), NOVA (Netherlands), F. Ciencias and CAUP (Portugal), University of Madrid and IAA (Spain), Universities of Lund, Stockholm and Uppsala (Sweden), University of Geneva and EPFL (Switzerland), STFC/ATC, Durham University and Oxford RAL (UK), and University of Michigan (USA). More than 350 scientists and engineers participate into this effort.

The MOSAIC Kick Off that took place in Paris on march 14th and 15th focused mainly on management organisation, and on internal engineering and scientific presentations.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the project for this milestone achievement !